Smoke Alarm Inspections

Mandated as a legal requirement smoke detector safety inspections must be carried out yearly.

You only know what you know, RIC Safety Audits exist to make your life safer. Smoke alarms can only save lives if they are well maintained and work properly.

If you own a property whether a residential or commercial building it is both the responsibility of the tenant and the owner to get their smoke detectors checked regularly including a yearly battery replacement (unless it uses a 10 year life Li-ion battery).

Smoke Detector Audit

Use these tips to stay safe.

Smoke Detectors Maintenance

How do I keep my smoke alarms working? Smoke alarms can only save lives if they are well maintained and work properly.

Steps to remember:

Smoke Detectors Replacement

Why do I need to replace my smoke alarm?

How do I dispose of a smoke alarm I’ve replaced?

Visual Inspection

Test Monthly

Clean Monthly

Replace Annually

Our Focus

You can count on responsive, courteous service from highly skilled tradesmen who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. The RIC Safety Audits has been founded on a base level of compliance and safety, with all directors focusing on keeping property owners and renters safe and saving rental providers money with preventative maintenance and recommendations.

Our technicians’ expertise and professionalism are next to none. You will appreciate their efficiency, timeliness and unparalleled customer care. All directors have rental properties and know the effort that goes into looking after your properties, we are trying to make the process as smooth as possible and keep compliance.


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