Rental Providers

Remove the stress of property safety compliance by hiring RIC Safety Audits.

Providing a safe home for your renter/tenant is important. Not only for the well-being of the renter but also to protect your investment, you can trust RIC Safety Audits.

Property Providers/Investors are busy people, we understand this. RIC Safety Audits is your own personal assistant so your investment property(s) is never at risk. Many people own property 100s of kilometres from where they live. RIC Safety Audits is your trusted partner to ensure your property is meeting your rental obligations to your tenant.

We liaise directly with your renter/s and promise to provide them with the same kind and considerate customer service, and as a locally owned and operated business we offer fast and reliable service, without the long wait times.

Software Reminders

We use reliable, industry tested software that allows us to keep detailed records and set reliable reminders for us you too. So next year, right on time, you will receive an email letting you know you are due to for your next inspection.

We are local so we are quick

If we find any issues with your property we can organise rectification and maintenance work without the long wait times. We can also provide a quotation for any upgrade works or rectification work that may be required. If we are unable to provide this service we can help recommended the appropriate trade to you.


At RIC Safety Audits our number one goal is to assist Rental Providers to meet the requirements of the Rental Tenancy Regulations. We accomplish this by offering a detailed report on what meets compliance and needs rectification. RIC Safety Audits is a dedicated auditing company that uses qualified tradespeople to complete these audits. This gives us the ability to quickly and easily repair the smaller non-compliant items in your property to make your properties compliant and avoid rescheduling external tradespeople and avoid additional call out fees.

Our Offer

Whilst on site if we find small non-compliant items we can correct on the spot, we will only complete repairs up to a maximum value of $250 ex GST. For all other works above $250 we will give recommendations in our detailed report to Property Managers to arrange a quote from your/their recommended tradespeople of choice.

Temporary Appliance Hire

Temporary appliances available to hire to provide a short term solution upon finding non compliant appliances to avoid unnecessary issues.

Inspection Services Include

All maintenance and rectification work on smoke detectors is fully covered!

Electrical Inspections

Gas Inspections

Smoke Detector Inspections

Our Focus

You can count on responsive, courteous service from highly skilled tradesmen who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. The RIC Safety Audits has been founded on a base level of compliance and safety, with all directors focusing on keeping property owners and renters safe and saving rental providers money with preventative maintenance and recommendations.

Our technicians’ expertise and professionalism are next to none. You will appreciate their efficiency, timeliness and unparalleled customer care. All directors have rental properties and know the effort that goes into looking after your properties, we are trying to make the process as smooth as possible and keep compliance.


Safety Focussed


Solutions Driven