Residential Tenancies Act 2021 – (RTA) Vic

Regulation changes:

The New RTA that takes place from March 29th 2021, means the obligations of landlords and property agents just got a lot more complex.

RIC Safety Audits exist to make this changeover and all future safety audits compliant and simple as possible.


  • All regular safety checks for Electrical , Gas and Smoke detector has gone from a optional inspection (recommended inspection) to a Mandatory inspection enforced by the RTA 2021. 
  • What was a obligation to offer to clients has now become a obligation to complete and make sure properties are not only inspected but are made compliant, (non-compliant properties can obtain large regulatory fines if audited.)
  • Obligations and costs have overnight been increased substantially for both the landlords and the property managers with expectations that regulations will be here to stay.
  • If properties are found to be non compliant the properties only have a very limited time to complete the changes and bring up to regulations otherwise they may not be allowed to be tenanted under the new RTA.

To view the Act’s website, click here.