How Do We Get The RIC Tick of Approval?

Our offer is as simple as asking and or accepting your real estate property managers offer for RIC Safety Audits to complete your ongoing safety audits.

We offer the full package to keep your properties compliant, we do this as a set and forget offer and will maintain your property until the day that you choose to sell as its our own.

We arrange with the property managers to book and complete the properties as required under the RTA  2021. We complete the compliance checks and automatically send the reports to property managers as well as holding a copy of reports for the next 2 years, to be given to any landlord or tenant upon request.

If a property is found to be non-compliant, we will work with property managers and landlords to get the property back to compliant ASAP so not to cost the landlord rent due to non-compliance.

What are YOUR benefits of using RIC Safety Audits?

RIC Safety Audits technicians are all Geelong Residents and past of our community – we don’t rely on trades people coming from other sides of Melbourne or the state to get things done.

We can work in with existing Property managers trades to complete works as required to keep compliant or offer a solution ourselves to bring properties up to compliant.

We offer a all in one solution – with ALL services completed on the same day, less inconvenience and interruption to all parties involved.

Because we offer an all-in-one solution, we have capacity to complete the full compliance check – Not only smoke detectors or smoke detectors and electrical audits. We can complete the entire process and have Qualifies Type-A gas appliance servicing plumbers – which are in very short supply available to complete this works.

We only charge for the works that we complete! There will be a larger cost year one for a full check but only a small cost year 2 for soke detector safety check.Will travel to all areas of Geelong and Surrounds.

We can offer a rental solution of appliances to keep properties compliant short term until rectification can take place, avoiding rent discounts and upset clients.

We can offer a Solar Safety audits and panel cleans – Once of 50% discount available on compliance checks ( speak to property managers to arrange this service).

Replacement of batteries or smoke detectors as required (no cost to landlord.)

When Does This Need To Be Done?

Do to the RTA 2021, Every time a property has its lease renewed it must have had all its compliance testing done and the house needs to be 100% compliant.  Not just the safety audits but all compliance.

If the property has had a compliance checks need to be completed every 24 months. If this has not been done before March 29th 2021 and the property is up for release or due to be released this service will be required.

There are limited qualified Type-A gas appliance trades people available to complete this works so confirm your service with RIC Safety Audits and let us take the burden of all safety checks out of your hands and sort your compliance.